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Explain the Rational Approach to individual decision making

Questions 1 (Information Technology):  Today, all the various computer-based systems have begun to merge into an overall IT system that add strategic value by enabling close coordination internally and externally.  (a) Explain IT applications for increasing internal coordination and efficiency.  (b) Explain IT application for strengthening coordination with external parties.  (c) Advanced IT is having a significant impact on organization design, and some experts suggest that it will eventually replace traditional hierarchy as a primary means of coordination and control. Explain


Questions 2 (Decision-Making Processes):  (a) Explain the Rational Approach to individual decision making.  On the other hand, many organizational decisions involve several managers, while problem identification and problem solution involve many departments, multiple view-points, and other organizations, which are beyond the scope of an individual manager.  There are four primary types of organizational decision models.  (b) Explain the management science model, Carnegie model, and incremental decision model.  (c) The Garbage Can Modeldeals with the pattern of multiple decisions.  Compare this model with three other models in b.


Questions 3 (Conflict, Power, and Politics):    Intergroup conflict requires three ingredients: group identification, observable group differences, and frustration.  (a) Explain organizational characteristics generating conflict as sources of intergroup conflict.  (b) When conflict is low, a manager can use the rational model of organization; when conflict is high, the political model describes the way organizations operate.  Explain.  (c) Managers consciously apply a variety of techniques to overcome conflict between departments or groups in the organization.  Introduce tactics for enhancing collaboration.


Questions 4 (General Application of Organization Theory):  you are going to start a new small business with your own money of One Hundred Million US Dollars (US$100,000,000) in cash.  How would you apply Organization Theories for your new business?  You must include major external and internal factors considered in the System’s Approach to Management with a full evaluation.


Question 5 (Theoretical Background):  What are the differences and similarities of the application of organization theory between the U.S. Federal Government and the private corporations pursuing profits?

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