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Retrace your research steps by describing the search terms and sources you used.

Hell friend,


Sorry for the time that were some misunderstanding between us. but i am going to explain to you one more time.


this assignment is about China. I have already done 3 homeworks about China. the last one is about writing 400-600 words reflictive essay. basically you have to inculde some examples from the previous assignment. you have to follow only the one below as the teacher will grade the assignment based on assignment #4.


please do not mix up between the other assignment that i gave you. this one is based china (( Global sustainbility)).   All what you need is down below , i meant the three assignments. please again do include the attachments that i have provided down. 


Write a 400-600 word self-reflective “learning essay” in which you summarize and evaluate what you have learned about the global sustainability of the place (i.e., country) that you have studied over the course of this semester for the first three assignments.  The format of this learning essay should be based on that used for an “I-Search” paper.  Therefore, it should have the following three sections, each of which addresses the topics mentioned below (note: each section may be put on its own slide–i.e., you would have 3 slides for this concluding assignment):

  1. The Search Story – What you already knew, what you wanted to learn, and how you went about learning it.  For our purposes, this should include the following:
  • Engage the reader’s attention and interest; explain why learning more about this place was personally important for you—i.e., why was this one of the places that you chose to study for this course?
  • Explain what you already knew about the place before you even started researching.
  • Let readers know what you wanted/hoped to learn about the global sustainability of this place and why.
  • Retrace your research steps by describing the search terms and sources you used.  In our case, this means retracing the highlights of what you did for each of the first three assignments, but it can also include what you learned from the textbook readings and class sessions that could be applied to your place of study.  Discuss things that went well and things that were challenging.
  • Search Results – What you learned.
  • Summarize at least 3 specific examples of the things that you learned about the global sustainability of this place that either addressed one of the topics you wanted/hoped to learn or that you simply found most interesting or important to share with others.
  • Give support for each of these examples by citing at least one piece of information regarding it that you included in one of the previous assignments (e.g., a fact, figure, picture, graph, etc.).  Note: Feel free to also include information that you might have learned from our textbook or other course materials or that you have found by doing your own additional research about the place.
  • In addition, you should include ONE (and only one) image to represent/illustrate each of these examples (i.e., you should include a total of 3 images).  These images may be a photograph, map, or graph.
  • Search Reflections (i.e., “How this learning is significant to you personally, why you think it might be significant to others, and what you would still like to learn about it”)
  • Discuss how/why what you learned from your research experience is significant to you, personally, and why you think it might be important for others to know.  In particular, how does your learning connect with one (or more) of the Core Learning Outcomes for this course or perhaps even to one of the major outcomes for LE courses (see the syllabus)?
  • Evaluate how the information you have gathered for these assignments has changed your original perceptions of the global sustainability of this place, in particular, and the Earth as a whole.
  • Briefly discuss what you would still like to learn about this topic/place.

In addition, be sure to include a final Bibliography slide at the end of your document that provides an alphabetical listing ofALL of the sources that you used throughout the semester for your place assignments (including the ones specified for certain assignments).  Do not forget to include any that you may have consulted for completing this final assignment, as well.


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