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What does the author have in common with Sonny and his brother?

Posted on: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 10:39:21 AM EST

Your reading assignment is posted under course materials.

PRINT this document. Select 2 sided print to save paper and pay less.

Read and annotate.

Read and engage.

Read and think critically.

Enjoy this reading assignment. Engage with the text. Read the lines and between the lines. Read every word. Let imagery in the prose take your imagination for a ride.

Annotate. Familiarize yourself with the following vocaulary:

abruptly, vindictive, disposed, insular, rage, isolated, denigrate, disenchanted, repulsive, loitering, menace, coaxed, chasm, humoring, parody, freighted, furlough, improvise, loping, indigo, lament

Familiarize yourself with the terms: simile, metaphor, allegory, imagery

If you can, read with a classmate. Talk about the story.

As you read, ask yourself:

Who is the author? What does the author have in common with Sonny and his brother? Who is the narrator? What is meant by Blue in the title? How does the color blue and the feeling of being blue relate to Sonny and other characters in the story? What is the context? How does the context affect the characters? What are the “projects”? How does the the author describe the projects? Pay close attention to the imagery. How does the author use descriptive language to convey an image and feeling or mood?

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