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Did the author consider an opposing view to her/his argument and did she/he present any evidence to support the opposing view?

Article: Single-sex Classrooms, by Nancy Protheroe

What is the main point of the article? What is it that the author is attempting to persuade the reader is true?

Which type of reasoning, inductive or deductive, did the author use? Make sure you provide evidence from the article to support your answer.

Identify at least one assumption you think supports the author’s argument. Do you think the assumption you selected is valid and reliable?

What evidence did the author use to support their argument and do you think the source of any evidence used is creditable?

Did the author consider an opposing view to her/his argument and did she/he present any evidence to support the opposing view?

Identify at least one ambiguous word or phrase you believe the author used and then answer the following questions

Identify the ambiguous word/phrase you selected.

Did the author define how he/she was using the term?

How do you define the term?

Do you think the author used the term objectively to support the argument being made or to evoke an emotional response in the reader?

Did the author make any emotional appeals to the reader? If, yes, provide at least one example.

Review the conclusion of the article. Identify at least one inference that you think can be drawn from the conclusion.

Did the author present an evidence-based argument or did the article rely upon emotional appeals to persuade the reader?

Briefly describe your reaction to the article. Did the author’s argument influence or change your position on the topic? If so, why, if not, why not?



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