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Create a situational analysis for Boscov’s.

Final Exam


You will have two hours to answer the following questions. Each question is worth 50 points.


Best idea will be given 10 bonus points; which will be added to the lowest grade earned this term.


Boscov’s Case


You are the Director of Marketing for the Boscov’s Department Store. Your objective, given by your boss, Al Boscov, is to increase revenues by 10% for this holiday season over last. Boscov’s generates 30% of their revenues over the holidays. According to Jim Boscov (Vice-Chairman) Boscov’s has 43 stores and enjoys revenue just above $1 billion – about 5 percent from online.


1. Create a situational analysis for Boscov’s.


2. Develop a sustainable marketing campaign that fits within the culture of Boscov’s organization and one that will reach your goal of increasing the holiday sales. How does it reach (influence or impact) your target market? Explain why you think it will work for this market. What customer feeling would expect from your campaign? How will it resonate with your customers? Bonus points added for the most original idea. 



Support your answer with facts and at least 5 references. The exam should be approximately three pages (12pt font, single spaced Times New Roman).

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