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How would a different research approach have affected the findings?

Choose a topic covered in this course (ie stress, strain, torsion fatigue etc.) and research new advancements/technology related to the topic and provide a 2-3 page summary of your findings. The requirements for the project summary are as follows:


  • Summarize the objective of the project/discovery; how the objective was accomplished; and the findings of the research
  • In order to demonstrate that you thoroughly reviewed the researched project, after your summary you must provide a “personal reflection”. The personal reflection may include the following:
    • Discuss your opinion of the research approach. What assumptions were made? How did their assumptions affect the results? What could the authors have done differently to attain better data?
    • Discuss the findings of the authors. How would a different research approach have affected the findings?
    • What were some of the limitations of the study? How would the limitations affect the results?
    • Discuss how the project relates or translates into some of the work you have done or to the classes you have taken.
    • What did you learn from this research project?

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