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Educate a notion of The American Dream

 is a researched analysis. The broad topic is: The American Dream. The direction in which you take this broad topic is up to you. You will need to decide a narrow sub-topic somehow related to The American Dream.

Possible sub-topics (SUGGESTIONS)

The American Dream as represented in film

The American Dream as shaped by popular music (any genre)

The symbiotic relationship between the media and The American Dream

Violence and The American Dream

Accessibility to The American Dream for marginalized groups

The impact of politics on The American Dream

Educating a notion of The American Dream

Nationalism and The American Dream “machine”

Technology, social media, and the changing American Dream

Essay #3 should be formatted according to MLA guidelines. It should be 5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. I would like a title page included; the title page should contain a creative essay title, your name, the date, the course name and section. Your essay must also include a work cited page. You must utilize a minimum of 3 secondary sources (academic articles, essays, books, etc.).  Additionally, your essay must include at least 1 graphic accompaniment. This can be a photograph, a collage, etc. Use your creative instincts and make it something that speaks to you and to the topic/sub-topic you have chosen to investigate.

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