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Where might a Gerontologist work, and what might his/her duties include?

The following websites provide information about work in the field of Gerontology.  Research them, and/or other websites of your choice to answer the questions below.
http://www.apa.org/practice/guidelines/older-adults.aspx  *note: This is an extensive resource, with multiple tabs and drop-down menus 





  • Where might a Gerontologist work, and what might his/her duties include?
  • What type of degree is needed in order to become a Gerontologist?
  • What salary might a Gerontologist expect to be paid?
  • What are some of the fields and careers related to Gerontology?


You may need to do a bit of additional research on your own to answer some of these questions, so don’t feel limited to using the above links. This mini-paper should be approximately three pages in length, and needs to be formatted in accordance with APA Style rules with regard to references, font style/size, and page margins/indentations.   As this is not a formal paper, you do not need to include a cover page or abstract, but if you want to practice the format of those items (no points will be added or deducted), remember that those items (as well as direct quotes) do not count toward the minimum page length.

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