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In which of the areas will you need to challenge yourself or expand on your current ideals?

1. please follow the guid in RED 250 word

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Respond to two of your classmates, one who chose to pick three points that were different than the ones you chose and another classmate who shares similarities (one or more) in selection of the three ideas. Compare and contrast your thoughts behind you responses to those of your classmates. For instance if you had similarities but for different reason, talk about that. If you had differences because you didn’t even consider what your classmate considered, challenge your thinking by finding out the premise behind their reasoning. Finally, offer suggestions for improving cross-cultural communication skills.


How to learn to speak the language that your child speaks?

1. Different Communication Styles

When Miguel was going to school he learned how to speak English more than speaking his own language. His mom didn’t understand what he was saying because they always spoke in Portuguese or Spanish. The mom was trying to do her best but didn’t understand as fast as she wanted too. With Miguel having SLI being slow to learn he will always have problems of understanding the reading and other problems in his life. ˝ The best advice to Miguel’s distraught mother would be to continue to use the language they have always used at home and also to continue reading to him and encouraging his efforts.˝  Piper, T. 2015

2. Different Attitudes toward Disclosure

Many are going to different countries to help out with water, shelter, food or medicine so the people can get better in their land. Some people except it and some don’t. Many wonder what they are coming to do or they going to be killed because they are from another culture. The longer you stay in a country the more you will begin to act and be like the people there.  Our attitude is to show them that we come to their countries in peace and we just want to communicate with them to see how they live according to ours. Having a good attitude in life toward people will always make it difficult when solving a problem in a foreign country.

3. Different Approaches to Knowing

There are so many different culture in college and schools that when the teacher gives a project to do they might have a problem how they want to do it. A few might want to do research on the internet, library or go to different place to get the information. Another group might just want to talk about how they are going to work different ways to get the project done. We all have our own ideals the way we want things done in life that others might not understand. Just knowing how to get alone with one another from another culture is good knowledge in knowing how one another life is in a different country.

1. How will you implement these ideas in a social setting? Teaching the students in our classroom, I would use different strategies to educate the children from another culture so they can learn our culture as well as enjoy their culture where they came from. Also I will fine effective ways to connect ideas about policy and effective practices. They need to know what to expect from the school they have enroll in and know about the staff.

2.In which of the areas will you need to challenge yourself or expand on your current ideals? I want to improve my skills by going to school so I can learn how to work on many jobs or run my own business. Being successful you have to go through many challenge to see what really suite you. When finding what you want then you try to make a career out of it.



Piper, T. (2015). Language, learning, and culture: English language learning in today’s schools. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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