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Select a topic from your Criminal Justice studies so be creative and have fun with this assignmen

Final Project Paper Topic Selection Assignment: 

Each student will be required to select a topic that will be used for the Final Project Paper. You must have the topic approved by the course professor.

Your topic should be focused on one of the major themes from one of your previous AA in Criminal Justice Courses. Take advantage of this assignment and pick a topic that inspired you and that you are passionate about researching. The better focused your topic is, the better writing and research you can conduct. You have been given the freedom to select a topic from your Criminal Justice studies so be creative and have fun with this assignment. If you have always wanted to focus on a certain Criminal Justice topic this is your chance to run with this assignment.

This assignment will require the student to write and outline for their Final Project Paper and submit the outline to the assignment section for grading and approval.

When you have completed your outline, submit your work to the assignment section to be graded. There is no specific length to this assignment; however, you must add enough detail so that your outline becomes your strategic plan for your Final Project Paper. There is a sample outline paper under lessons and resources for your viewing.

This is also the time to start researching and collecting references that you can use in your annotated bibliography assignment. Remember this assignment will help you focus on writing your Final Project Paper. The Final Project Paper is something you want to be working on throughout the course.

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