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Describe a methodology that can be used to conduct a risk assessment for an organization.

During this week’s IP, you will submit a first draft of your Key Assignment from Weeks 1–4, as follows:

  • Section 1: Information Security Management
    • This section will be used to describe the organization and establish the security model to be used by the organization.
  • Section 2: Security Program
    • This section will focus on existing frameworks that can help in the implementation of a security plan and what a security organization should look like.
  • Section 3: Security Policies
    • This section looks at security policies and their creation.
  • Section 4: Assessing Risk
    • This section will focus on risk assessments and methodologies used to perform one.

The project deliverables for Week 4 are as follows:

  • IP1 through IP4 with total outline required>>>!!! Files provided to build outline per assighnment 4
  • Section 4: Assessing Risk
    • This week will focus understanding the risk that an organization’s information systems face. You will review the risk assessment methodology and understand some of the basic terms that are associated with risk.
      • Describe a methodology that can be used to conduct a risk assessment for an organization.
      • Describe the 4 methods for dealing with identified risk.
      • Describe the following terms:
        • Vulnerabilities
        • Threats
        • Exploits
      • Include a discussion about how they apply to a risk assessment.
    • This information should be 2–3 pages of details.
  • Name the document “yourname_IT454_IP4.doc.”

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