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Identify the null and alternative hypotheses you should form for this test.

Hint: You will need to use Excel’s Analysis ToolPak, or the Mac equivalent, StatPlus:mac, to calculate the statistical parameters, the mean, variance, and standard deviation, and to calculate the statistical test that you have chosen and its p-value. SAS Enterprise Guide users do not need to first calculate the statistical parameters.

Practical Application Scenario 3

As the food court manager at the Mall of Elbonia, you must determine how much time customers spend at the mall during different times of the week (for example: midweek day; midweek evening; weekend day; weekend evening). Last week, the mall survey staff randomly surveyed mall visitors as they left the mall. One key question asked how much time the customer had spent in the mall on that day.

The findings from this study are provided in the document titled Mall Time Results, provided in Resources. Columns A through D show the time spent by the customers interviewed, according to the part of the week and time of day when the interviews occurred. Is there any statistically significant difference (at alpha = .05) in the average amount of time people spend in the mall based on the part of the week and time of day? To determine the answer to this question, you need appropriate answers to all of the following four questions. Remember to use your Business Statistics in Practice textbook, the supplementary instruction session archives, and the optional course resources to help you answer each question.

  • Identify the null and alternative hypotheses you should form for this test. Express each in writing and also in equation form.
  • Identify the appropriate statistical test to accept or reject the null hypothesis.
  • Calculate the appropriate statistical test values to accept or reject your null and alternative hypotheses.
  • What should you tell the Mall of Elbonia’s food court stores managers in terms of the mall’s high-traffic times and customer tendencies?

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