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Argument Paper on Gun control and it’s laws

Argument Paper GuidelinesShould have a minimum of 15 sources recommendedInclude an introduction with definition of appropriate terms and an overview of both sides of the issueBring in arguments using the Toulmin and Rogerian Methods and balance ethos, pathos, and logos. Remember that you should cite approximately two of your sources per paragraph. Citations could be based on paraphrases, summaries, or direct quotes.Include an updated Works Cited page that reflects the sources you actually used in your paper.Be sure to have strong topic sentences, transitional statements, and concluding sentences.Revise and Edit your paper carefully for MLA format, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.Follow MLA guidelines for fonts, headers, spacing, intertextual citations, etc.Papers should be between 13 and 16 pages long with no more than 20 pages. This page count does NOT include the Works Cited page and any pages in the appendix (surveys, photos, charts and graphs, etc.)

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