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Cardiovascular Provider Newsletter

Resources: Newsletter Word Document Template, textbook, Internet, and University LibraryImagine you are an office manager at a health care facility that includes cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology, and urologydepartments. As the office manager, you have been given the task to create a newsletter for new and existing patients. The newsletterwill inform patients about the specialty of the doctor they will see, including their role in the patient’s treatment.The Provider Newsletter assignment will be completed weekly. You will create one section for your newsletter each week. Each sectionwill focus on the physicians within the body system learned for the week.Week Two: CardiovascularWeek Three: RespiratoryWeek Four: GastrointestinalWeek Five: UrinaryThink of your audience when writing your newsletter; make it informative as well as visually appealing.Create an informative newsletter for your patients (175 to 350 words).Identify the following in each section of your newsletter:Main provider of the systemMajor roles (to patient, facility, or community)Types of patients seen (typical demographics: age, gender, etc.)Common diseases treatedLab test recommended (based on diseases identified)Specialization of the providerCite any sources. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, log on to the Reference and Citation Generatorresource in the Center for Writing Excellence.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/cwe/citation_generator/

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