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Case Study Analysis

We believe, you only really engage in learning when your knowledge of strategy theory can be applied to practice with a view to making

recommendations for strategic management. We give you the opportunity to experiment with your learning by asking you to analyse and

inform strategic dilemmas raised in case studies. We will help you develop these analytical competencies throughout the module, but

just to get you started, here is some brief advice for engaging with Case Study. We will take these ideas further in class.

Working with Case Studies

When reading the facts in the case, keep asking yourself ‘so what?’ You must explain why certain action or policies are important.


Be Practical – You will never have the all the information you would like, but do what real life strategists do…make assumptions

about the unknowns and state what assumptions you have made in your analysis.
Be realistic – Consider whether the organisation has the resources and capabilities to execute your suggested strategies. Make sure

your recommendations have been assessed in terms of feasibility.

Be Specific – Try not to come out with generalisations and vague strategies. Look at what can be done and how it can be done. (This is

a major point of failure in written case analysis.)

Be Original – Question strategies. Try not to assume that the current strategy is the “right” strategy.

Make sure you justify your views. “The most important part of analysing cases is not what strategies you recommend, but rather how you

support and explain your views. This is where the application of theory is important.Remember there is no one right answer to a case

study; rather there are a number of responses that can be justified.

Contribute your ideas in lessons – “There are no perfect people, so there are no perfect strategists. Be open-minded to others’ views.

Be a good listener and a good contributor.”

1. Answer the question set using an appropriate analytical technique introduced in the lectures, not some direct responses which

you find more suitable.

2. Do not repeat facts from the case without appropriate analysis, i.e. ‘Imperial Tobacco was formed in 1902 by the amalgamation

of John Player and WD and H O Wills’. What, if any, is the significance of this?
3. Use words carefully. ‘Vertical integration is dangerous’ does not convey the arguments for and against vertical integration in

a given situation.

Provide a short summary at the end of each question.
BHS0027: Strategic Management
Individual Assignment (2015-16)
Learning outcomes

• Evaluate case studies in strategy direction, strategy implementation and strategic management.
• Discuss the strategic directions that can be chosen by organisations through the application of relevant theoretical concepts.
• State the need for strategic alternatives and their selection.

Coursework: Case Study based on key reading – Adnams a living company. (Johnson, G., Whittington, R., Scholes, K., Angwin, D.,

&Regner, P. (2014). Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases (10 ed.) pages 606-611.

Task: Adnams has a strong iconic brand and wishes to examine its competitive strategy. You have been commissioned by the company to

provide a report on their competitive position and make recommendations for their future. The directors have little time to do this at

present, so your report must include a critical evaluation and justification of your model prior to using it for your analysis. You

are also required to make recommendations for their future from your analysis. These should be well founded and should clearly relate

to your analysis.

Suggested structure and approximate weighting of marks

Part 1:Theoretical underpinning for analysis, identification of key issues,justificationand evaluation of the choice of analytical

model/s (20%)
Part 2:Strategic analysis with application of the chosen model (s) (60%)
Part 3:Recommendation and Conclusion (20%)

Word count: 2,500 words +/- 10% (tables of content, lists of tables and figures, appendices, list of references, tables and diagrams

are not included in the word count). Please take care on the presentation of your submission. Appendices should be used for essential

information only and should be clearly referenced in the text. Total word count should be clearly indicated on the front sheet of the

assignment. Penalties will apply for exceeding word count.

Essential: the work should demonstrate critical analysis and evaluation,APH6 referencing method should be used where appropriate. There

should be an evidence of a wider reading, particularly for the first section, to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical

underpinnings of your analysis (not only textbooks and the company websites but also academic journals).

Submission date: Monday 8th February 2016
Please note you are required to submit Electronically via Turnitinukby11.59pm on 8 February and an identicalhard copy to The Business

School by no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 9th Feb 15.Please note that submission of the assignment after the deadline without an

approved extension or extenuating circumstances will result in the mark being capped at 40%. Please refer to the student regulations

and your student handbook. Please note that extension requests are authorised by Course/Year tutors only, not module leaders.

• Your coursework must be word-processed. APA referencing method should be used where appropriate.
• You must include a front sheet to your assignment that contains your name, student number, course, Module code (BHS0027) and

your word count.
• Attention is drawn to the rules on academic misconduct (including unattributed citations from textbooks etc), refer to your

Student Handbook for the penalties for non-compliance.


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