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create a picture of an animal (real or imaginary) where at least 4 of the following constructions are used in your picture;a bisected anglea perpendicular line drawn from a point not on a line to a linea perpendicular line drawn through a given point on a given linea quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel linesa segment bisected by a perpendicular line, ray, or segmentan equilateral triangletwo congruent anglestwo congruent segmentstwo parallel lines, one of which is drawn through a given point2) The constructions must be made using a straightedge and a compass, but other features of your animal may be drawn free-hand or with other tools. Be sure to keep the arcs, lines, points of intersection, etc. that are part of the constructions – don’t erase them!!3) You need to create your design on an 8 and one-half inches by 11 inches piece of paper (the size of a standard sheet of computer paper).4) You need to use some kind of a key to show me where each construction is and label the type of construction. For example, if you construct two congruent angles, you might write the number “1” next to it and on the bottom of the page write, “1 – congruent angles”. Or, you might draw your congruent angles using a red pencil and at the bottom of the page write, “red – congruent angles”.5) turn in a one-paragraph reflection about any difficulties you encountered during this portfolio project.

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