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Project Summary
Imagine that you are a member of Netflix’s Public and Shareholder Relations Department, and you have been asked to produce a set of

documents regarding responses to their 2011 business changes involving pricing changes. The documents you will produce in Component 3

are part of an attempt to provide damage control and assurance among current Netflix shareholders and customers.
This Project contains 3 components:
1. Audience analysis of existing documents (available on Canvas)
2. Creation of an audience analysis table for the documents you will create
3. Two documents written by you as a Netflix employee in the Public and Shareholder 
Relations Department (a Letter and a Memo)
Component 1: Document Analysis
Analyze the 4 documents on Canvas and answer the questions below for each of four.
• €Document A (blog post and email to Netflix customers): “Netflix Introduces New Plans and Announces Price Changes” 
o Link:

• €Document B (blog post and email to Netflix customers): “An Explanation and Some 
o Link:

• €Document C (report to Netflix shareholders): “The Internet is transforming video entertainment, stream by stream, consumer by

consumer, nation by nation.”
• Document D (report to Netflix shareholders): “Netflix added nearly 3 million streaming members in Q1…”
Write your response in a print memo addressed to me. Use these three generic L1 (level 1, or main) headings: Purpose, Discussion,

Conclusion. Within the Discussion section, organize four numbered lists under the subheadings: Document A, Document B, Document C, and

Document D. You can also use the Template for Project One, Component 1 on Canvas to help design your document.
Answer the following questions in a numbered list for each document:
1. Identify the topic of each document.
2. Identify the context and purpose of each document.
3. Identify the specific audience of each document.
4. Identify the genre of each document. What are the specific characteristics of this genre? How do the characteristics of the genre

help to address or fail to address the topic, context / purpose, and audience? What method or methods of development does the author

5. (Longer answer) Evaluate the content of each document in order to explain why each document contains the kinds of information it

does. Quote brief examples from the document to support your points.
6. List any “holes” you see or problems created by the Document. What further information might readers want or need?
Markers of Success
• €Demonstrates a clear understanding of the context of Documents A, B, C, and D including topic, purpose, genre, audience, and

possible document problems.
• €Follows the conventions of the memo genre.
• €Uses an appropriate method of development in each document.
• €Uses the style of technical and professional communication, demonstrates evidence of 
revision, and remains free of major grammatical

errors, wordiness, awkward phrasing, and vague / unclear language.
Document A:
Document B:


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