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personal computer market

Market research as an entity does not make decisions neither does it guarantee success of a venture. Market research provides information, trends and market reactions. To be warned is to be half armed as they say; and research makes the decision making body of any organization make informed judgments. Dell Incorporation position in the market does not need explaining. Its reputation precedes it. Nonetheless, to retain that vantage point over its rivals, market research is not only a requirement but a necessity.The role that market research plays in measuring the market potential cannot be over emphasized. Market potential is evaluated through the elements of consumer reactions, competitor behaviors, innovator initiatives, and general environmental trends. Market research combines the descriptive, diagnostic and predictive functionalities to draw a picture of how a market has and will behave in future.The biggest challenge to Dell’s performance is the emergence of competitors that are striving to stake a claim in the already congested market. How to combat this challenge is best countered by going to the market and observing how it reacts. Getting on top of things is always the easy task; staying there is what proves whether you are cut for the top…

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