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1. Before beginning this assignment, GO TO http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/group/c1d93373 AND TAKE THE POLITICAL TYPOLOGY TEST. MAKE NOTE OF YOUR CLASSIFICATION AND THE DEFINITION THAT GOES WITH IT (IT MAY BE EASIER TO JUST PRINT OFF THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR RESULTS OR DO A SCREEN SHOT.)2. No matter what country you are from, everyone has a political ideology. It has been influenced by your family, your friends, your teachers, the media, etc. For this assignment I want you to reflect on your own personal experiences (meaning, you should be using phrases like “I believe and/or I think” in your response) to answer the following questions. I expect you to address all questions asked in your response.please address the following: (1) How would you describe your political ideology – not necessarily in terms of Democrat or Republican or Liberal or Conservative – but what are your political beliefs? In terms of your political socialization, who or what most influenced your political ideology? How important is your political ideology to you? Do you think your ideology influences your decision-making, not necessarily just politically, but in everyday life? What were the results of your typology test? Do you think the results of the typology test you took accurately reflect your political ideology? Why or why not?

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