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Should college be free?

The essay is supposed to have 6 paragraphs: Intro(mini paper): according to book “they say, I say” we briefly say what the opponents and advocates say….in the end our thesis and what I say… One Naysayer paragraph: talk about the reasons of opposing view. Three rebuttal paragraphs: my reasons to prove my point; one idea per rebuttal paragraph. in each paragraph answer one objection stated in naysayer paragraph. conclusion: moral to the story in each paragraph except intro we should use at least 3 small quote and after each quote in three sentences we have to explain the quote. The professor provided us with 6 articles but we can also use outside resources as well footnote and cited work page is required Here is the link to articles http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2016/01/20/should-college-be-free?ref=opinion

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