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A study of the marketing environment and strategy of Bulla dairy

Marking criteria:? Aim: A study of the marketing environment and strategy of Bulla dairy? Describe the marketing background of the company that includes key information about the industry indicating where the company fits and/or positions itself paying special attention to sustainable practices- environment, society, resources use, etc (10%)? Analyse the main products, services, suppliers and customers of the company (10%)? Describe the following marketing strategies used by the companyo pricing (10%)o promotion (10%)o distribution (10%)? Compare the marketing mix to its competitors (10%)? Make recommendations for improvement of marketing mix for product(s) to become more competitive- Include relevant sustainability aspects (20%)? Appendix: Include a Swot analysis and positioning chart (10%)? Report writing and referencing (10%)Links:http://www.bullafoodservice.com.au/? http://bulla.com.au/

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