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Case Study

Before you enter this discussion, please complete your unit reading assignment. Please re-read the Case Study “First Impressions Can Be Wrong” on page 202 in Chapter 11 of your text and respond to the following questions in your original post:“What steps should Rob and Pat take? Why do you think these steps would be appropriate? Support your position with references from the text.What suggestions would you offer to them at this point in time and why?Should Sara provide any additional guidance? If so, what information should she provide and why?”What two statutory benefit programs cannot be altered? Why?In your opinion, should all employees receive the same benefits package? Why or why not?You may need to perform additional research beyond your textbook to address a few of these questions. Please provide justification for each of your opinions or explanations.When you respond to your classmates, evaluate the similarities and differences between your responses. In addition, be sure to include any recommendations or suggestions you may have.Note: If you use resources, other than your textbook to support your positions, please be sure to cite your source(s). Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.Fallon, L. F., & McConnel, C.R. (2007). Human Resource Management in Health Care Principlesand Practice (p.202). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

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