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Final Project Stage III: Health Policy Analysis

In previous weeks of this course, you have selected a health policy, outlined the content of your paper, and identified a few credible research references. This week, you submit your Final Project health policy analysis.The assignment (12–15 pages)Your completed Final Project must include the following:The five essential components of a health policy analysisA clearly articulated problem statementA background section that provides a factual overview of the problem being analyzedA landscape section that provides the context of the problem in terms of key stakeholders and factorsAn options section that provides three to five viable choices to resolve the problemA well-supported recommendation section that develops one of the options identified, describes future modifications that might be necessary, and explains potential implications of social change due to your recommendationA list of the scholarly, credible references you used to write your paperand be sure to apply the Walden University Research Paper template, also provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

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