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The macro environment and the systemic role marketing plays within it have become more and more prominent over the past 20 years. As consumers become more informed, organisations more engaged in sustainability /ethics and governments & pressure groups increasingly turning to marketing practices to change peoples’ behaviour and opinion, the marketing paradigm has shifted. Thus we are able as marketing academics to think of the discipline as more than ‘selling more stuff to more people’. Subsequently we can consider marketing as a total system of production and consumption and critically evaluate organisations marketing practices with regards to how it can have positive or negative impacts on society, the ecological environment and the economy as a whole. This assignment as such will ask you to view marketing through a contemporary macro lens and complete the following:For a private sector organisation or an event (event management students only) with which you are familiar or can easily obtain information, you are to submit a 3,000 word individually prepared essay that will critically appraise that company’s engagement with macromarketing. The essay should apply Hunt’s (1981) core dimensions of macromarketing to your chosen organisation. These are:1. Macromarketing represents a marketing system as an entire production and consumption system.2. Macromarketing demonstrates the impact and consequence of marketing systems on society.3. Macromarketing demonstrates the impact and consequence of society on marketing systemsIn order to complete this assignment successfully you should:• Attend all lectures and tutorial (paying particular attention to the lecture and tutorials in the first term titled: Macromarketing Contemporary Issues and Practices.• Identify the organisation and briefly describe the nature and scope of its operations. You may choose any private sector organisation, large or small. The only stipulation is that it must be a ‘real’ organisation.• Include the results of a thorough literature search that clearly outlines academic developments on relevant macromarketing topics you choose to include. This should begin with the following background articles that help define macromarketing:Hunt (1976) The Nature and Scope of Marketing, Journal of Marketing.Hunt (1981) Macromarketing as a Mutidimensional Concept, Journal of Macromarketing• You should include a thorough bibliography, but you should not include any appendices.

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