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FTR Cases 2 and 3: The Movie Industry in 2008 and The Movie Industry in 2011 Please turn in your one pager case write-up!///////////////////To demonstrate your preparation for each case class, complete a one-pager (OP) on those days when you are not presenting a case analysis or writing it up as a required full blown case write-up. The so-called one-pager exercise is a 1-2 page summary of your understanding of the main issues of the case. You can do this by writing short (say, one paragraph of 3-5 sentences) answers to the discussion questions for the case. //////////////A minimum of five one-page write-ups is expected from each student. You may turn in more. ///////////////////To prepare for in-class case discussions and case analysis write-ups, (a) study the case carefully and master the facts given (at least two passes through the case will be required for this), (b) think about the strategic issues the case raises and summarize them in writing, (c) think about how any concepts or analytical tools introduced in the class apply to the case and apply the tools (acquiring mastery over the vocabulary of the course and trying to apply the analytical tools are very important), (d) go beyond the readings and integrate learning from previous cases as well as other courses in analyzing the present case, and above all (e) take chances, be creative and innovative in looking at things.

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