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In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.citation and reference for at least 1 source (APA Format Required). Minimum Word Count = 100. The attached file organizational theory is the reading for the Discuss two –part question. Here is the reference:ReferencesLester, D., & Parnell, J. (2006). Organizational Theory. Cincinnati, OH: Thompson.Two part question – be sure to answer both parts!Review Lewin’s Model on page 9-11 and then answer the following two part question.Be sure to answer both parts.Part 1) Why do organizational members resist change?Part 2) What would you do as an executive to implement a change successfully in the organization?COMPLETE: EACH QUESTION MUST BE 200 WORDS WITH TWO REFERENCES. THE ATTACHED TEXT CAN BE ONE OF THE REFERENCES.This 200 words doesn’t include reference list entries.Sources used in this class beyond the textbook loaded in the Read section must be articles from the Bethel library databases. Therefore, you cannot use websites or textbooks from other courses.Select the link to read Case B – AstroTech Fuel SystemsIn a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.There is obvious conflict at Astrotech Fuel Systems between Jim McGee and George Phalen. What could each person have done differently to alleviate some or all of this conflict?Compare and contrast the roles played by politics and power in this case. Discuss how these play out in relation to Jim McGee, George Phalen, Ben short, and Dick Faraday. What power styles did each exhibit in the case?4. Considering the department sources of power discussed in the textbook, which one was Phalen trying to establish for the Fuel System operation and how was he going about it?

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