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Policy Issues in the United States Social Security System

Policy Issues in the United States Social Security SystemType Research paperDescriptionBelow you will find the details to the assignment needing complete. Each bullet needs brief research discussion and elaboration. This is going to mix with several other parts to complete an assignment. This section is the part I need help with (below).Must not be plagiarized, in APA format, with in text citations, and references. I am going to input into powerpoint with these detailed speakernotes to the topic of discussion. I also attached in word the outline that I need in the order with Headers seperating each discussion ouline. If you have questions please give me a call. And, THANK YOU!!V. The reflection of special interest groups impact and outcome pertaining to Social SecurityA. An interest group is a private organization that attempts to influence public officials to act or vote in ways that will benefit the group’s members, in this case representing Social Security.1. In terms of an organization, the best known is the AARP.2. The AARP is interested in lobbying for things that they think are beneficial to senior citizens.3. Social Security is one of these things because it represents a large portion of the incomes of some seniors.4. The AARP specializes in America’s commitment to making sure that the elderly have a basic standard of living after they retire.5. Maintaining Social Security (and Medicare) is the main desire of the AARP.B. Public Interest is the concerns of the people as a whole. A public special interest group also benefits Social Security.1. National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare NCPSSM2. Through its educational efforts, the national committee keeps its members informed of changes in Social Security.3. The national committee encourages its members to influence legislation through grassroots efforts such as petitions, telephone calls, and postcards.4. The national committee’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is nonpartisan.5. Grassroots Outreach Services Department is “Empowering Seniors, Strengthening Ties.”6. The organization’s “Ask Mary Jane” program is designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Social Security and Medicare.

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