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Public Health Preparedness Policy

Although the threat of a nuclear meltdown was very real to David in the weekly Introduction case study, your community probably has different public health concerns. Consider the different categories of natural and man-made emergencies for which public health agencies must prepare, as identified in the Learning Resources. Identify the emergency most likely to impact your community and conduct research about your state and/or local public health department’s preparedness policies. Note: If these policies are not posted, search for readiness policies of similar public health agencies.To guide your research, search for answers to the following questions:Who would be in charge of responding to the emergency?What readiness and/or prevention policies are currently in place?How would federal, state, and local resources be coordinated and mobilized?What role might the National Incident Management System (NIMS), or similar national systems in other countries, play in response to the emergency?What important laws, rules, and regulations are currently in place to safeguard public health with regard to the emergency you chose?

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