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Public Law Reflection

Choose a public law that has impacted special education and/or exceptional students and write a reflection. Possible cases include:• Brown vs Board of Education (Topeka, Kansas)• Sheff vs O’Neil (CT)• Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children (PARC) vs Commonwealth of Pennsylvania• Larry P vs Riles• Daniel R. R. v State Board of Education• Honig vs Doe• Board of Education in Sacramento, CA vs HollandProvide:• Name of the law (PL# , title of law, and acronym if applicable) and year it became a law• What brought about the law• Review of the law• Implications for children with special needs• Implications for educators• Your personal opinion on the lawPaper length: 3-4 pages, using proper APA format when citing sources. Include information from the resources provided as well as at least 2 other references.

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