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Stat 200 – Statistics – 6 Problems

True or False Explain:(1) (c) Suppose the minimum for a data set is 0.12. A careless assistant records it as 1.2, which is the only mistake in the record keeping. The mistake will increase the mean as well as the median of the data set.(2) (e) Interquartile range can measure central tendency.(3) 5. For the following stem and leaf plot, how many numbers are there between 3 and 4? Please note the numbers in the stem are in ones.4|333|562|004561|001340|1245589-0|0679-1|005559-2|7a. 0b. 2c. 11d. 56(For Questions 9 & 10) The checkout times (in minutes) for 10 randomly selected customers at a large supermarket during the store’s busiest time are as follows:658128131014711(4) 9. (5 points) (Show work) Find the minimum, maximum, median, mode and mean of the checkout time. (Round the answers to one decimal place)(5) 11. (4 points) (Show work) What is the standard deviation of the FICO scores in the sample? Please show your intermediate calculation in the following table; you may not need all columns based on the formula you use. (Round the answer to two decimal places)FICO Score xx2x-mean(x-mean)27607602 = 577600650820540620Sum(6) 12. (2 points) (Show work) A data value is considered unusual if it’s above or below 2 standard deviations from the mean. Are any of these FICO scores considered unusual? Explain.

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