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(SOE Conceptual Framework Goals: Knowledge; dispositions; Skills; Integration of Theory and Practice;Inquiry)IPTS: 5O; 6R; 9A; 9D; 9F; 9H; 9S, 9TNAEYC: 4c, 4d, 6a, 6c, and 6dDescribe your personal philosophy of education as it relates to early childhood education.. All papers should be a typed (Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins), double spaced, and 5 pages long. Your paper should consist of 8 sections. Each section must have a section heading.Each section must answer the questions that accompany it. Do not re-write the questions in your paper. Simplycreate a short section heading that paraphrases the questions below and address each of those sections byanswering the questions that they address, in 2 or 3 short paragraphs per section. You will be evaluated on theextent to which each section in your paper infuses key educational philosophies presented in class and theconcept of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP). It would be helpful for to read the NAEYC positionstatement on Developmentally Appropriate Practice when completing this assignment. Be sure to use APA stylecitations in every section of your paper and include a reference list at the end.The 7 sections required in this paper are:1. Introduction-Which philosophers and educators have influenced your ideas? Introduce and define theconcept of DAP.2. How do children learn?3. What is the best environment for learning?4. What is the role of the teacher?5. What is the role of the parent and student responsibilities in the learning environment?6. Describe the ideal approach to classroom management.7. Conclusion- summary and wrap up of your views-describe how philosophies will tie into proposed practices8. References

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