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Willingness to Communicate

The purpose of this activity is to examine your willingness to communicate. This activity is not about your ability to communicate – it’s about your willingness to communicate. In order to complete this activity satisfactorily, please do the following:1. Complete the “Self-Assessment of Willingness to Communicate Form,” below (2nd page).2. After completing the form, “score” it on the next page (3rd page).3. Closely analyze your results. As you do this analysis, keep in mind that this activity is not about your ability to communicate – it’s about your willingness to communicate.4. Questions to consider in your analysis include:o What do you think this self-assessment reveals about your willingness to communicate with others?o When do you feel perfectly comfortable?o When do you begin to get a little uncomfortable or anxious about your communication?o What factors do you think have influenced your feelings?o Think about your personal experiences, family, culture, role models, etc. How have they affected you?o How can you change any of your thoughts or behaviors that may have weakened your confidence in the past, thereby increasing your willingness to communicate in the future?5. Make notes about your observations/interpretations of your analysis/findings. Do not merely reiterate the results – really interpret/analyze/evaluate them.6. Based on your findings, generate 3 specific goals for yourself related to your willingness to communicate.THE REPORT:? Organize your notes and goals, and type them up as a 2-3 page report. Include citations from our textbook to support your observations/interpretations and your goals.? Print your report (2-sided printing encouraged) and submit it in class on the due dateThing might help you to know about my culture iam from SaudiSelf-Assessment of Willingness to Communicate FormBelow are 20 situations in which you might choose to communicate or not to communicate. Assume you have completely free choice, (i.e., there are no benefits or consequences to any of your choices). Also, consider only communication that is beyond the periphery of any “business” that needs to be addressed in each situation, (e.g., “Talk with a dentist” … exclude from your hypothetical consideration the need to tell the dentist which tooth hurts). Indicate in the space at left what percent of the time you would choose to communicate – use 0% for never, 100% for always, or whatever percentage in between that you think applies to your willingness to communicate in that particular situation.______45%_ 1. Talk with a dentist____90%___ 2. Talk with a hairdresser while having your hair cut___45%____ 3. Present a talk to a group of strangers_____70%__ 4. Talk with an acquaintance while standing in line at a store____60%___ 5. Talk with a salesperson in a store____70%__ 6. Talk in a large meeting of friends___30%____ 7. Talk with a police officer_____50%__ 8. Talk in a small group of strangers____80%___ 9. Talk with a friend while standing in line at a store___60%____ 10. Talk with a waiter/waitress in a restaurant____45%___ 11. Talk in a large meeting of acquaintances___60%____ 12. Talk with a stranger while standing in line at a store_____50%__ 13. Talk with a secretary in an office___80%____ 14. Present a talk to a group of friends_____80%__ 15. Talk in a small group of acquaintances____60%___ 16. Talk with a clergy person___45%____ 17. Talk in a large meeting of strangers_____45%__ 18. Talk with your significant other_____100%__ 19. Talk in a small group of friends______60%_ 20. Present a talk to a group of acquaintancesScoring your Self-Assessment of Willingness to Communicate FormThis “Scoring” is essentially to help organize your results and reveal patterns, according to level of communication and category of co-communicator(s). Some situations from the form are not accounted for here, and should be pondered on their own.Small Group DiscussionAdd scores for numbers 8, 15 & 19; divide by 3 ____76%___Large MeetingsAdd scores for numbers 6, 11 & 17; divide by 3 ____53%___Interpersonal ConversationsAdd scores for numbers 4, 9 & 12; divide by 3 __70%_____Public SpeakingAdd scores for numbers 3, 14 & 20; divide by 3 ___61%____*******StrangerAdd scores for numbers 3, 8, 12 & 17; divide by 4 __50 %_____AcquaintanceAdd scores for numbers 4, 11, 15 & 20; divide by 4 ___63%____FriendAdd scores for numbers 6, 9, 14 & 19; divide by 4 __82%_____

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