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Effect of Model Choice on Managerial Authority and Control

Organizational models are frameworks that companies use in the establishment of their structures. Rules, policies, and responsibilities of each individual in an organization is stipulated or guided by the choice of model adopted. Majority of organizations have realized that decentralization of authority is one of the better ways of forming a strong team of human resources. While management reserves the mandate and responsibility of making decisions, the best run companies try to allocate and assign duties across the board.In choosing an effective model for a workplace, size is a factor that needs to be put into consideration. Driven by the organizations mission and goals, a proper model is required to ensure that there is effective administration and career growth and development for each team member. At the same time, the business strategy that is being earmarked should shed more light into the kind of organizational model to be adopted by an institution. There are organizations that prefer a creation of a hierarchy in a workplace while others prefer a uniform level of human resource. Such differences are key pointers into realizing which model will best suit a company.

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