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Final Assessment – Individual project – Level: Level 5

Department of Communication

1. Project’s Overview
The written project in CN 3523 will challenge each one of you in researching and proposing a design, plan, coordination and evaluation of a

special event. You are required to select an organization- public or private – to serve as a case for developing a sound event’s proposal.

2. Project Requirements – Successful completion of this project requires you to :
1. Develop a proposal for an event based on the supposed organization process.
2. Discuss how you propose to evaluate your event.
3. Demonstrate understanding of the responsibilities of an event manager with regard to resource requirements, vendor and human resources

management, event marketing, risk management, event regulations compliance and contingency planning.

3. Content
You are required to design and plan a special event for a local profit or non-profit organization. This will entail primary research, including

interviews with key practitioners, along with secondary research in the field. You will then write your findings and recommendations in a formal

report. Include the following elements that comprehensively describe your event. Each project must contain the following sections: (1) Situation

Analysis; (2) Event Proposal; (3) Issues for Consideration; (4) Communication strategy and Budget and (5) Proposed evaluation.

1. Situation Analysis: Provide client profile, overview of your client organization (mission, vision, objectives, target audiences,

stakeholders), and client’s problem identification. At this level you are supposes to answer questions related to WHY, WHO, WHEN and WHERE.

Furthermore you need to discuss type(s) of conducted research for identifying goals and objectives.
2. Event’s Proposal: Your (WHAT) proposal needs to be based on a previously provided SWOT analysis; Design process for the event

development; Theme/ Concept development, venue selection, time selection; Planning process; Analysis and Synthesis of all event components such

as: catering, entertainment, décor, etc. At this stage a Critical Path Model (CPM) is highly recommended.
3. Issues for Consideration: Finance philosophy, Legal Issues; Coordination process for the event including how you will anticipate and

resolve problems on site; and Risk assessment analysis and management process including a list of potential risks and your recommendations for

avoiding or reducing risks.
4. Communication Strategy: Discuss your proposed event’s internal and external promotional strategy. Communication objectives, strategy (or

strategies) and tactics must be included.
5. Proposed Evaluation: Discuss ways on how you propose to evaluate your event.

4. Format
You are expected to prepare the major written project using the following required format:
• Title page – include the title of the project, your DEREE identification number and name, the project’s due date, and the instructor’s

• Table of Contents – identify the sections in the written project and the associated page number for each section; a table of contents

with no page numbers is not accepted
• Situation Analysis – include a statement of what you intend to accomplish in the project and the method that will be used for collecting

the necessary information.
• Main Body – see content requirements above; the main body should include sections 2, 3, and 4.
• Evaluation – see content requirements above; the evaluation includes section 5.
• References – identify the academic and professional sources and other published information which you have used.
• Graphics and Visual Aids – use visual aids and graphics appropriately and effectively within your text
• Attachments – include written material, visual aids and graphics that you choose not to place in the main text, but are necessary for

the reader
• Appendix – include related material not deemed necessary in the main text. Appendices do not count on your papers word length.
• Folder – Place the project in a folder of your choice; it should not be submitted only with the pages stapled or clipped together in the

upper left corner

5. Mechanics
Each student should adhere to the following technical requirements:

• Word length: 3000 words (plus or minus 10%, i.e., 2700 to 3300 words); it is compulsory to report the number of words at the end of the

paper (not including bibliography).
• Submission: The project must be word processed, and you are required to submit the project electronically and in paper copy

6. Project Due Date
All projects are due in excellent form on the date that will be provided at the beginning of the class. Please follow carefully the progress of

your work effort so that you will meet this deadline. Any assignment submitted within 7 days of the deadline will be accepted for marking, but

will receive a grade no higher than “C”.

7. Contribution to Final Course Grade
The written project is 60% of the final course grade.

8. Originality and Authenticity
The rules of academic ethicsapply when undertaking this major written project, including the requirements that the student undertakes the major

written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not done individually and

solely by the student, the instructor may grade the major written project as an F, and is bound by College policy to file an academic integrity

violation report.

9. Turnitin
You must submit electronically the major written project to Turnitinprior to submitting it to the academic staff.


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