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Analysis of the poster

For this assignment, you are to write a 2500-2800 word essay in which you respond to ONE of the options below. The essay should make anargument, demonstrate familiarity with class vocabulary appropriate to the option chosen, and explicitly draw on at least THREE class readings.Not all three readings have to be assigned from the syllabus but could be recommended readings from authors we’ve discussed in class (for e.g.Judith Butler, Foucault, Marx, Said, Bhabha, etc.). All essays must be written in 12pt font, double-spaced and page numbered.OPTION EApply race and/or gender theory to a posterSelect any existing promotional ‘poster’ (could be in print or digital) that, from your perspective, contains a problematic representation ofrace and/or gender. It could be an advertisement from the private, public or third (non-profit) sector. It could be advertising to eitherpromote a product, service or action (such as donating, volunteering, etc.). It should be a fairly contemporary poster (i.e. within the last 10years). Now, here’s a scenario: You’re a designer who has been hired by that particular organization or corporation to re-design the poster inlight of the representational issues. You have free reign in your choice of colors, fonts, images, and text, but the organization or corporationhas three demands: Their mission or brand should be clear, people must feel compelled by the poster to purchase/participate, AND you must try ashard as you can to NOT represent this race or gender in ways that are clichéd and stereotyped.For this paper, we’d like to see you first explain the chosen poster/advertisement. Identify the source of the poster and the reasons why itsrepresentation of race and/or gender is problematic (you will makes reference to course-related content in your discussion here; for e.g. if thepeople in the poster are represented as ‘others’ explain how and why based on course readings and lecture/tutorial discussions).Next, you’ll need to explain your thought process as you re-develop your poster for this client. In class, we’ve spent time discussing theconnotative, denotative, mythic, ideological, discursive, unconscious, race and gender-based nature of visual and textual language. Now it’stime to apply that theoretical learning. USING THE VOCABULARY OF THIS CLASS, explain the logic of your design process. Which images, fonts,colors and text did you consider, which did you reject, and which did you end up using? USING YOUR READING, talk about the challenge ofdelivering a message that is clear, compelling AND without visual or textual clichés regarding gender or race.For our reference, we’d also like to see a copy of your poster, just so we can use it to follow along with your essay. Please bear in mind thatwe are NOT testing your design skills, here. A good-looking mock-up will not get a better mark than a poor looking one. What we are looking foris a sophisticated consideration of your design decisions in light of the readings for this class.Please note: Anyone who chooses this assessment option will be ‘on your own’ with regard to technical training. That said, if you haveproduction skills from elsewhere (you don’t need many for these assignments, and we aren’t marking the production, just the essay) you arewelcome to choose this assessment option.Link to the article

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