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Q2. IMPLEMENTING CLINICAL GOVERNANCE• Drawing on the evidence-base, critically discuss how healthcare organizations manage accountability through the implementation of clinical governance.• Support your answer with examples from your own organization or one that you know (this may be a case study).Q3. RISK MANAGEMENT• Clinical risk management is a key component of clinical governance.• Drawing on the evidence base, as well as examples (which may be case studies), critically identify and discuss a risk management system that you believe is most appropriate for effectively managing clinical risk.Q5. INTEGRATED CARE PATHWAYS• Integrated Care Pathways are an approach to ensuring patient safety and service quality. Critically discuss the barriers of and benefits to the implementation of Integrated Care Pathways.• Support your answer with examples from your own organization or one that you know (the example may be a case study).Writing style for each Qs:1- Should have:a. Introduction: define topic at questions+ evidence based +why its imp? + Summarize what will discuss (what context brief)b. Body: idea on the topic & why choose it? + Apply to organization (examples) should be evidence based discussion +critical discuss (debate issue with reasons\strength \weakness\advantage\disadvantage\cost \challenges)c. Conclusion: summary of discussion, recommendations\suggested course of action, A statement which summarizes your main point or conclusions of the argument you made2- As example to apply use anonymous organization\hospital or Mildred’s story (see attachment)3- Check module5 exam sheet DOC + lectures attachments for references +Qs answer presentation.TermDefinition or guidanceAnalyse Separate a complex idea or argument into its smaller parts.CommentMake critical observation, using your knowledge of the topicCompare Requires examination of the subject and demonstration of the similarities and differences between two or more ideas, or interpretationsExpress your judgement regarding the correctness or merit of the factors being considered. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses, giving results in your analysis.Criticise

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