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1. When do we use a 2 sample test of means?2. Answer this question:A trial judges association thinks that only judges who have received special training should sit on capital cases. The idea is these judges would commit fewer errors, and thus would have fewer cases lost on appeal. You take a random sample of 15 judges who have received extensive training in capital punishment law. You match these with 15 judges who have not received such training, but are otherwise the same in terms of their number of years on the bench, experience as trial lawyers, and other qualities. For 3 years after the training, you track the number of cases lost on appeal by both groups. You want to determine if the untrained judges have lost more cases on appeal.a. What is the independent variable in this problem?b. What is the dependent variable in this problem?c. What type of t test (independent or dependent samples) should be used for analyzing the data Why?d. Would a one-tail or two tailed test be appropriate? Why?

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