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Dubai plan 2021

A 3,000 word assignment in the form of their draft research proposal.This should identify clearly their research question, critically evaluate the key literature that underpins this question, review the efficacy of the different possible research designs and research approaches to addressing this question, and present their chosen approach and the rationale for it.The recommended structure (with indicative word recommendations) and marking weighting is as follows:Introduction and statement of research question (inc. rationale for this question) [10%] – 200 wordsLiterature review of key literature (inc. linking it in to the research question above) [30%] – 1000 wordsDiscussion of possible research designs and approaches and their strengths and weaknesses in relation to answering the chosen research question [20%] – 800 wordsDiscussion of their research methodology (inc. data collection, data analysis, ethics and time frame/feasibility] [30%] – 800 wordsConclusions and identification of potential contribution to theory and policy/practice [10%] – 200 words.the research will be qualitative and the research questions below1- How does companies in Dubai hire UAE Nationals? Are they just hired to increase the Emiritisation percentage or they are actually hired because they are needed?2- How does the oil effect the growth of the city in terms of income and developments of the city?3- How would the government measure the satisfaction of the people within the city and make sure they have actually reached the target

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