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Effects on sexual abuse and violence/ movie “Sleepers”

In the movie Sleepers directed by Barry Levinson, Four Teenage boys are sent to a juvenile prison where they brutalized sexually and physically. As adults all suffer the scars, all suffer the scars from the experience in one form or another.Research how a violent childhood is a predictor of an adult being violent, and then discuss how that cycle can be changed along with possible treatment options. Relate your research to the characters in the movie, particularly the four boys and make sure you describe how the trauma affected each one of them. For instance, you should address topics such as violent behavior, drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD and relationship behavior.1. opening paragraph discuss that the paper is about. (1 page or or)2. few pages: short synapse what happens in the story (Sleepers)3. after synapse relate the post trauma related to the characters, and research in approaches, and treatments.

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