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Generations in the work place

This is the first time in history that four generations (Boomers to the Millenials) are in the workplace at the same time.Based on at least the two attached readings—use any credible, peer-reviewed sources on the Web or —write a paper (format is your choice) in response to this question:Question: What do you as a member of your generation, find most challenging in the workplace setting in dealing with the other three generations? List at least four “challenges”/difficulties for each of the other generations and discuss how you personally deal with the challenges you face. Give actual examples/anecdotes. As your section is purely military students, explain as well how being in the military helps, or complicates the ways you cope in the workplace. Discuss any success or failures in the course of your learning to cope, or if your challenges are on-going, discuss what other techniques/strategies you are using to enable you to at least co-exist in the workplace. Discuss as well, the “myths” , good or bad, about your generation, and how you dispel them when “accused”.

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