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Please use the 5 papers chosen for Assignment 1(attached) and summarised in the Annotated Bibliography.

Please use the 5 papers chosen for Assignment 1(attached) and summarised in the Annotated Bibliography.Also chose an addiitonal 5 to 10 papers for this assignment (total references 10-15).Assignment tasksRead the information on Writing an Essay, Critical Thinking and Referencing and Academic Integrity found in Write an essay which answers your research/clinical question using the 5 papers and information from your Annotated Bibliography and information from your 5 – 10 additional papers.Make sure you examine the issue/s from different sides and provide evidence to support your arguments.Your paper should be 1500 +/- 10% (excluding references) and presented as follows:Introduction: Include some general background information on the topic you chose for your research /clinical question (~150 words) Example: Type 2 diabetes is ……. xx% of people aged over 18 are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes each year. ……………….Treatment includes medication and lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise……………… The aim of this paper is to explore nursing interventions which can be used to manage Type 2 diabetes.Body: Paragraphs covering the main points covered in the 10-15 papers you chose to critically appraise (~ 700 words)Discussion: Write about what you consider to be the implications of the research findings for nursing practice and how you think the findings can be used for research and/or clinical practice. (~ 500 words)Conclusion: What conclusions did you draw from your critical appraisal of the literature? (~150 words)please use International peer reviewed original nursing research articles.

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