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Social and political thought

looking for convergences and divergences between Daoist and pre-socratic ideas with references to Heideggers phenomenology and Derridasdeconstruction. Organize your essay around key topics such as Dao and nature, the void. All papers regardless of what topic you choose must useall second term class readings (Moeller and Buber) plus a selection of at least 5 scholarly sources (from academics in journals and books) asprovided. A good paper will use 8 sources quoting and referring to each of them.The second term essay is relatively simple. Moeller and Buber have already written much of the essay for you.You could chose from a variety of topics:-For example, we are reading Moellers Philosophy of the Daodejing. You could follow Moeller in your own essay, paragraph by paragraph focusingon any theme such as 1) what is Dao or why are yin and yang important. You could describe Moeller in terms of class discussions or a variety ofother ideas. You could intersperse comments from other class readings plus a selection of atleast 5 other scholarly sources. Basically you arewriting an enhanced book review.-Alternatively, you could compare the two second term books. Philosophy of the Daodejing and I and Tao: Martin Bubers Encounter with Chaung Tzu.You could compare two Chinese thinkers , Laozi and Zhuangzi. You could compare two different interpretations of Daoist classics , Moeller onLaozi and Buber on Zhuangzi. Basically you are writing a comparative review of two books.

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