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The Lego GroupThe case is to be found on page 544 of Johnson, Whittington, Scholes, Angwin and Regner(2014) Exploring Strategy, 10th edn. Harlow, Pearson.Questions1. Explain how the development of strategy at the LEGO Group reflects the keycharacteristics of strategic management as a theoretical concept. [20 marks]2. What alternative strategies were open to the LEGO Group in 2004, and why do you thinkthe Group chose the course they did? [20 marks]3. What features of the external environment have influenced strategy development at theLEGO Group? [20 marks]4. Which of the resources and competencies of the LEGO Group have enabled them to regaintheir successful position in the global toy market, and which resources and competenceshave been less relevant to their recovery? [20 marks]5. Looking at the LEGO Group today from the imaginary position of the CEO, how wouldyou approach the process of strategy development to ensure the future success of thecompany? [20 marks]The questions are weighted equally and the answers are to be written in essay style. Yourresponses should reflect your knowledge and understanding of the concepts, tools andtechniques covered in the Strategic Management module. You should also demonstrate yourskills and abilities to analyse data and information that you have obtained from a variety of upto-date, high quality sources. Stronger answerswill demonstrate an ability to exerciseindependent critical thinking. Full in-text citations and references, using the Harvardreferencing style, are required.

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