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Analysis and Presentation of Data/Inferential Statistical Analysis

Analysis and Presentation of Data/Inferential Statistical AnalysisGo to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) website for their Improvement Map (http://www.ihi.org/Pages/default.aspx)1.Select an improvement process of your choice. Present an overview of the improvement, along with potential benchmarks, outcomes, and statistics that the hospital might use to monitor the compliance with the improvement.2. This is a great website that really shows what is being done to improve health care for everyone. If you were a hospital administrator how would you use the information from this website to improve the care being provided at the facility you worked at? (least 6 sentence)Inferential Statistical AnalysisRefer to the required textbook, Appendix 8-A Knowledge Question 2, page 248. Chart is on pg 249Answer the five questions and present your analysis for discussion.Construct a regression model for predicting total charges from length of stay for DRG 105.a.State the null and alternative hypotheses and alpha level.b.Prepare a scatter diagram with the regression line for the two variables.c.What are the r and r2? What is the importance of the r and r2 results?d.What is the regression equation?e.What are your conclusions?

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