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Brand, Strategy and Integration( answer questions)

Brand, Strategy and Integration( answer questions)1. With your chosen brand, identify its brand elements and asses their ability to contribute to brand equity according to the choice criteria identified in Chapter 4.2. Would you like to adjust any of the above brand element/s for your up-coming strategy? If so, what element/s and why?3. Identify one or two of the new perspectives on marketing that you would like to capitalise on for your brand and briefly state why.4. Based on the marketing mix of product, price, distribution (place) and promotion (integrated marketing), what is your brands current marketing efforts? Any particular strategy/s you would like to change? If so, simply list them with one sentence reasoning. (thorough explanation can be provided in your final assignment)5. With your chosen brand, how effectively has the brand mixed and matched marketing communications? Has it capitalised on the strengths of different media and compensated for their weaknesses at the same time? How explicitly has it integrated its communication program?6. What are your proposed marketing communication options to improve or implement? Briefly provide a reason of 1 sentence long. (Can explain how in your final assignment)

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