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ChatSupport toll free: 1-877-242-1728,Support local: 1-302-380-3888Welcome, LoiseID: 347759Log outAvailable OrdersActive OrdersInboxNews(1)Closed OrdersMy EarningsMy ProfileHelpTopic: Researching culture and society EssayOrder Messages (0)Revision Instructions (0)« Back to listOrder code: 81626484Not availableRequest orderTime remaining: 2 days 19 hours 57 minutesDeadline: April 01 11:27Order total: $10.5Compensation $1.75 / PagePages: 6, Double spacedSources: 1Order type: EssaySubject: SociologyAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: APALanguage: English (U.S.)Place bid Unhide orderOrder DescriptionFor this assessment piece you must work direction with the textHagan, S. 2008. Whitefella Culture. Alice Springs, N.T. Australian Society for IndigenousLanguages.This book, in its 4th edition, is designed to help Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians tounderstand one another. It builds on the principle of cultural distinctiveness as an importantpart of life and pushes the reader to think about what they consider ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’in social life, prompting us to be more open to engaging with difference. The book is designed to give practical insight into situations where it can be easy for both cultures to misunderstand each other.In the context of this course, the book is used to highlight for each of us that we operate withcertain epistemologies, ontologies and axiologies every single day. But often, these, particularly non-Indigenous ways of being are normalised so much that we forget to see them. Realising they exist within each of us, as researchers is essential!For this written task you will– Read the book in full (it is only short)– Reflect on how it makes you feel/think – are you aware of your own cultural habits,how does it feel to have them ‘othered’ and explained in this way?– Write a short personal response on your interaction with the text (500 words)– Write up a slightly longer academic piece (1200 words) on the importance of recognising different epistemological, ontological and axiological positions. This book holds a mirror up to different ways of knowing, being and acting. Your task is to reflect on the importance of this relative to social and cross-cultural research.You should use academic references in the academic written piece, and interact with coursethemes thus far discussed in class.Currently 2 writers are viewing this orderRequest orderRequest deadline extension tillChoose your reasonDate01/04/2016…Time1127© 2005–2016 “EssayWriters.net” Privacy policyinfo@essaywriters.netChatLive Chat

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