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Based on below three future contracts, please locate the data online for the future price 60 days and write an report to justify the position that you select ( long, short,ect). The reason for price change, how market affect the future price, position and how the selection can benefit the investor. Specify the price in which you enter and the price of the last day of the contract.COMMODITY FUTURES: COPPER (HG1:COM)Settlement price: 2.0490 (closing price on February 16th, 2016)Position: shortContract size: 25,000 lbs.CURRENCY FUTURES: JAPANESE YENSettlement price: 119.2530 (closing price on February 16th, 2016)Position: shortContract size: 12,500,000 Japanese yenEURODOLLAR FURUTRE CONTRACTSettlement price: 99.36 (closing price as of February 16th, 2015)Position: shortContract size: $1,000,000 Principal Value

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