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Written case analysis must include the following: a_Eight detail case study analysis methods as defined in “Appendix C”. 1. The history, development, and growth of the company over time 2. The identification of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses 3. The nature of the external environment surrounding the company 4. A SWOT analysis 5. The kind of corporate-level strategy that the company is pursuing 6. The nature of the company’s business-level strategy 7. The company’s structure and control systems and how they match itstrategy 8. Recommendationsb_Answer all case questions.+ Case 9 ‐ Google1.Why has the paid‐per‐click search business grown so rapidly?2.Analyze the competitive structure of the market for search based advertising. What are the implications of this structurefor the long run profitability of players in the market? 4.What explains Google’s success in the paid search market place? How sustainable is its competitive advantage?5.What is Google trying to do strategically? 6.Does the search technology and business model pioneered by Google represent a paradigm shift? How?

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