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HistoryLENGTH: 1000 words (app. 3 pages)CONTENT: The Ridley Scott movie “Gladiator” (2000) is but one of many movies about the reign of the emperor Commodus. “Gladiator” was based on a 1964 extravaganza called, in a bit of exaggeration, “The Fall of the Roman Empire. But another lesser-known 1964 movie, “The Two Gladiators”, also covered the same ground. Described as “an excellent example of the cheap-produced Italian historical pictures of the early sixties,” this last movie shows what can be done with a cast of tens, as opposed to a cast of thousands. Watch this movie athttps://youtube.com/watch?v=sneC6v02CVA?feature=player_detailpageThen discuss 5 examples of how the material presented in the movie is consistent with the history of the Roman Empire as presented in class or in the textbook, and 5 things in the movie that are inconsistent with the history of the Roman Empire as presented in class or in the textbook.Papers must cite one library book, by call number and page, that relates to your discussion.METHOD: For each item you discuss, be sure to state clearly (1) what happened in the movie, and (2) how what was shown in the movie was consistent or inconsistent with what was presented in class or in the textbook.Bonus Question (3 extra points): How is the end of this movie different from the end of the Ridley Scott “Gladiator” movie?(P.S. actually I do not know what lecture talk about, I attach some notes may be help, then please use common sense to guess what may be talked during the lecture. Thanks

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