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History and Culture

Your essay should be 4 double-spaced pages. Please number and staple your pages, with your name and your TA’s name on the first page. Be sure tocite properly—no one wants to accidently plagiarize. (No need to go off syllabus; please do not include authors, readings, etc., not assigned inour class.) When including one of your author’s statements (quoted or paraphrased), put their name and page number in parenthesis after thestatement—for example, (Smith, p.5).Guidelines:Save room for your own ideas by not repeating the question in your opening paragraph. Instead, use your first paragraph to explain the prompt—inother words, restate in your words what the prompt is asking.Don’t present quotations from authors longer than a line or two—briefly paraphrasing is best. This will allow you to use the author’s workwithout diminishing your own voice.Set-Up: Our readings for this section show that the unhappy teamwork (“marriage”) of Euro-colonialism and capitalism caused broad-rangingchanges in Asia and also pushed Chinese and Indians, in particular, into indentured and other forms of labor in the Caribbean. Their experienceas both indentured and non-indentured laborers was greatly influenced by Euro-colonial racial and gender hierarchies, and the epistemologiesthat supported those hierarchies.Prompt: Using the three contexts of (1) shipboard, (2) plantation, and (3) village, (1) describe what the social and economic conditions were inthese contexts, and (2) discuss the unequal power relationships that laborers faced, which made them vulnerable populations in the Caribbean.Remember that “Asians in the Caribbean” involves both Chinese and Indians, and both indentured laborers and non-indentured immigrants. Be sureto make clear how all three contexts are connected to Euro-colonialism and capitalism. You will need to illustrate your discussion with oneexample from Shepherd, one example from Yun, and two examples from Powell. This makes four examples in total.http://www.essaywriters.net/sys/orders/view/1626808/instructions.download/2228078/http://www.essaywriters.net/sys/orders/view/1626808/instructions.download/2228076/

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